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Rossbro is proud to be the exclusive Canadian distributor for the Dolphin1, an unmanned water rescue unit that is designed to supplement existing rescue equipment and the Water Rescue Stretcher Bed. Manufactured by Oceanalpha, these products provide surface water rescue teams with more options when required, particularly in situations where there is no access due to rough or high shorelines, which reduces access to rescue boats.

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About our PRODUCTS

The Dolphin-1 Plus is the updated version of the Dolphin-1, and it is designed to be used in conjunction with existing water rescue equipment rather than as a replacement. This provides water rescue teams with more opportunities to save lives in situations where traditional rescue methods are not possible or may be too dangerous. The Dolphin-1 Plus is ideal for rough waters, lakes, rivers, and shoreline rescues, and it is well-suited for fast river and lake rescues.

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With our Water Rescue Stretcher Bed, the operator can quickly and easily to drive the device to victim on shore or on vessel. After victim got picked up by the device, the device will bring the victim to a safe place. To victims who are unable to move at all, the device can drive backward to pick them up.

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